Grapevine Group’s training coordinator Edie Weiss has been awarded a highly regarded LiFE Award by national body Suicide Prevention Australia for her outstanding contribution to the Queensland community.

Some of Ms Weiss’ significant contributions include personally training more than 5000 people in suicide prevention through 164 safeTALK sessions, coordinating Grapevine Group’s 3-hour safeTALK training and the 2-day ASIST Intervention training for Run for MI Life.

Ms Weiss has worked as a guidance officer for St Patrick’s College and Catholic Education, volunteered as a Lifeline Crisis worker and contributed over 30 years to suicide prevention activities.

Ms Weiss has also devised her own toolbox presentation called Suicide Mythbusters which gives an introduction on the signs to look for, where best to find help and the skills to be able to support those experiencing suicidal thoughts.

Her extensive experience with Lifeline and in the education sector has provided her a strong background to develop this extra tool for Grapevine’s suicide prevention arsenal.

“Edie’s work is exceptional in this field,” said Grapevine president Debbie Knight.

“She is so humble about the things she’s done and achieved as a volunteer that she probably wouldn’t want us to make a fuss over this special recognition.

“We should make a fuss though because she’s an inspiration with an incredible commitment that has undoubtedly saved many lives,” Ms Knight said.

This is the third time Grapevine Group has been recognised with a Suicide Prevention Australia LiFE Award. The first time was when Grapevine president Debbie Knight won the Community Engagement category in 2017 and the organisation itself was awarded the Communities Matter honours in 2020.

Grapevine has suicide prevention trained 6,400 locals in Mackay, Isaac and Whitsunday regions.

You can sign up for free safeTALK training or find the list local suicide prevention services by visiting or downloading the Grapevine Group phone app.

Above: Suicide Prevention Australia’s Outstanding Contribution LiFE Award for Queensland recipient Edie Weiss

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