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Finding the right resources for suicide prevention is crucial, and that’s why our safeTALK sessions are designed to educate and empower. Choose from the below dates to attend a public session that suits you, or why not gather a group for a free private session for staff, teammates and volunteers? Grapevine Group’s qualified LivingWorks trainers are available to present at your location.

FAQs: Your Questions Answered

Frequently asked questions

Confused about the booking process or want more details about safeTALK sessions? Visit our comprehensive FAQ section for more information. You can also read through our Booking Fine Print for specific terms and conditions.

To inquire about private group bookings, fill out our Enquiry Form and we will get back to you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. Thank you for considering safeTALK as a way to make a significant impact in the fight against suicide.

You will receive an email notification within 5 working days if a session is cancelled. If there are urgent unforeseen circumstances you could be notified less than 24 hours in advance (sorry!).

Depending on the venue and numbers of participants refreshments may be available and participants are advised to observe any venue restrictions on bringing your own food.

Please email as soon as practically possible. Alternatively you can cancel via your Grapevine booking centre confirmation email.

You can book up to 4 people to attend with you via the Bookings centre. Each person will require a valid email address so the booking system can notify them of the upcoming training session.

No, a resource book will be provided.

You will receive a confirmation email from our booking system.

No and because of the training content it is preferred that school age children are present with an adult.

Grapevine Group does not offer support services, including phone counselling. Please refer to our Local suicide prevention services list or phone 000 in an emergency.

Grapevine Group enquiries

Training booking enquiries

please read carefully

The fine print

I declare that I am 15 years or older (minimum age for safeTALK training is 15 years with a preference to be accompanied by parent or carer).

I have voluntarily elected to enrol in the suicide prevention training course delivered by Grapevine Group Association Inc. under the title of safeTALK.

I acknowledge that the safeTALK training program is delivered by but not written by Grapevine Group Association Inc. who accept no responsibility for the content of the training course and I agree that I hereby indemnify and hold harmless Grapevine Group Association Inc. in respect of any action, claim or demand that may be made by me or on my behalf for any loss, damage or injury as a consequence or otherwise in relation to the training delivered by Grapevine Group Association Inc.

If the trainers delivering the course determine that I should discontinue the training and/or that I should leave the venue for the sake of my own safety, welfare or comfort or that of other participants I shall comply with all such directions.

I agree to participate in a survey to assist with collection of training data and I consent to my answers being used for that purpose or such other purpose as determined by Grapevine Group Association Inc.

I hereby consent to my personal information being stored by Grapevine Group Association Inc. and accessed or used by them in accordance with the terms of their privacy policy (If any).

I hereby grant to Grapevine Group Association Inc an unconditional and irrevocable consent and licence to use for no reward of other consideration my name and image or likeness (including photograph, portrait, video image or any other image in any form of media), voice, title of office, professional credentials or affiliations in advertising or marketing material in print, digital or any other form of media (including social media or online platform) whether now existing or hereafter created for the purposes of any form of advertising, marketing, publicity or public notice or announcement approved by the Grapevine Group Association Inc in conjunction with any text, sound or images (including the likeness of others) and to incorporate any such uses together at the absolute discretion of Grapevine Group Association Inc.