Incredable by name; incredible by nature.

That’s what Grapevine Group Mackay president Laurence Manning reckons – and it’s hardly surprising after being handed a giant cheque for $5000 by Incredable managing director Bernie Scott.

Mr Scott said the donation was the organisation’s way of giving back and saying thank you to a community which had supported the Incredable business.

He said it fulfilled a pledge made by himself and the co-directors of the locally-owned and operated social enterprise.

“As a local Mackay based social enterprise, supporting disadvantaged jobseekers, Incredable Ltd. has a clear understanding of the difficulties confronting the less well-off among our community.  We try to assist through providing jobs specifically aimed at the less well-off, but we are a young company, and can’t address all of those who want jobs today,” Mr Scott said.

“This then leaves them to fend for themselves, in a tough economic climate.   We leave it to others to assist those without work to help them cope on a day to day basis.

“There are many such groups in our district offering support, but The Grapevine Group performs a great role at the more extreme end of woes confronting people.

“Grapevine seeks to reduce, if not eliminate, the horrifically high incidence of suicide in our region.

“All too often suicide is seen as an option for some, as a result of stresses brought on by poor or declining financial status, lack of meaningful activity in their daily lives.  True, there are mental health factors at play, too.”

Mr Manning said the Grapevine committee was very proud of their association with as vibrant and worthwhile local organisation as Incredable.

“Bernie Scott and his team give opportunities for talented people who may otherwise be overlooked; while providing a vital service to our region in recovering and recirculating useful products as part of a business model of the future,” Mr Manning said.

“This is a hard-working not-for-profit organisation, improving our community and every dollar certainly counts.

“We would like to thank Bernie and the staff of Incredable not only for this very valuable donation but also for lending their support to suicide prevention and improving mental health services to our region.”

Mr Scott said the decision to make the donation was “a pretty easy one”, having found in Mr Manning a “kindred spirit” who was committed to, and cared deeply for, the vital role Grapevine has in the community.

“If we can’t provide a job for someone just yet, let’s help another group in our community working hard to assist those in need.

“Incredable is funded from our business operations with enthusiastic support from customers and the community. It gives me a great thrill to repay that support through this donation.

One day I would like to say we will no longer need to make such donations, but until then our commitment to this support is ongoing.”

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