Jo Shanks, Paul Kelly and Laurence Manningon behalf of the Grapevine Group met with the Prime Minister Tony Abbot on Monday May 18, 2015 and highlighted the suicide problem in the Mackay region and the stigma associated with mental health. Although one death is too many our region’s statistics are far too high.

Grapevine Group also handed Mr. Abbott the a letter requesting a national summit into suicide prevention and mental health. The summit will bring together health workers, government,business, academics andthe community groups to gather information, promote research and ensure a uniform platform is provided and administered regarding the prevention of suicide and helping affected parties across the nation. The summit would also consider ways to change community perceptions towards mental health and ensure mental health is promoted as a main stream health initiative.

Grapevine would like to thank local member George Christensen MP for arranging our meeting with the Prime Minister.

View the letter

View Tony Abbott’s Response

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