With Christmas looming, Grapevine Group has launched their annual campaign Be Suicide Alert this Christmas hoping to remind everyone to keep an eye out for colleagues and loved ones who might find the festive season tough.

The Mackay, Whitsunday and Isaac community can do their bit by downloading the Grapevine Group app which contains the 16 warning signs of suicide. We can all help by being aware of these signs and getting familiar with the local suicide prevention services.

As part of this campaign, which has been proudly supported by DGH, Grapevine Group, Mackay Regional Council’s Mayor, Mackay Region Chamber of Commerce, Resource Industry Network and Queensland Police Service have combined to produce a video to get a life-saving message to the community.

“It’s so important we take the time to check on those around us during the festive season – for anyone that has lost a loved one, experienced a relationship breakdown or going through child custody issues, Christmas can be especially difficult.

“If you know anyone experiencing this, just show them kindness and take a couple of minutes to familiarise yourself with the signs to keep an eye out for,” said Grapevine Group President Debbie Knight.

As as he does every year, Mayor Greg Williamson reminds us that Christmas is a time that can be very tough for the most vulnerable in our community.

“If you know somebody who fits into this category, please learn the warning signs by downloading the Grapevine Group app or visiting their website.

“Your assistance might be the greatest gift that you can give this Christmas,” said Mayor Greg Williamson .

Other stressors might also add to the festive season, like bills and the increased cost of living.

“Financial pressures can make many in the community feel it a lot more this Christmas than in past years,” said Mackay Region Chamber of Commerce President Geoff O’Connor.

Resource Industry Network General Manager Dean Kirkwood has already downloaded the Grapevine Group’s app to make sure he is aware of the resources available at his fingertips.

“It couldn’t be easier with the Grapevine Group app – it provides all the information I need to access local help and allows the community and organisations to sign up for free suicide prevention training” said Mr Kirkwood.

The 2024 public safeTALK training dates are available on the app or online and organisations can also book free private sessions or safety toolbox talks.

The vital local suicide prevention services on the Grapevine Group app can also be found at www.grapevinegroup.org.au

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