Mackay’s own Grapevine Group has kicked off 2020 with their unwavering and continued focus on suicide prevention offering free private safeTALK sessions to businesses and organisations to help identify someone at risk of suicide, help develop the confidence to talk about suicide and link those at risk to resources.

Grapevine Group President Debbie Knight said she wants safeTALK training to be part of the community’s 2020 commitment to help those experiencing suicidal thoughts.

“If I had one Christmas wish for 2019, it was to get as many within our community through safeTALK training in 2020, so more of us are better equipped to recognise and help friends, family and colleagues at risk of suicide,” Ms Knight said.

“For businesses, sporting and community organisations to make safeTALK training a New Year’s resolution would mean essential life-saving skills for people that may need them.

“Accessing the training is as easy as enquiring about a private group booking or booking into our public sessions on Grapevine’s website.”

One such business that took up the call to arms in 2019 was Mastermyne.

Mastermyne Fleet Manager Steve Koschel said Grapevine Group’s safeTALK program helped them look out for their mates.

“The training has increased our employees’ awareness of when someone might be having suicidal thoughts and the staff tell us they have greater confidence to have these brave conversations after attending this program,” Mr Koschel said.

“We know that by providing our employees with safeTALK training, they’ll be able to have a positive impact on workmates, families and the broader community.

“Thank you Grapevine Group for helping our people stay SAFE and making our community safer from suicide.”

For the community, there are six free public safeTALK sessions available for 2020 and there is a ‪‪February 17‬ Heart to Heart training session (for suicide and domestic violence awareness) for hairdressers, barbers, beauticians and massage therapists.‬‬

Organisations can make private group bookings now by enquiring via the Grapevine website – sessions can be presented at a time and location that suits them.

To date Grapevine has trained over 5,500 people in the region and their goal is to make Mackay the safest region in Australia from suicide.

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To sign up for safeTALK or locate a Help-a-Mate Card Hub, go to

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